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Are you getting the choir info that you need???

You've found the website, so that's a great start!  Also use the methods below for the most up-to-date information on what's happening.

Charms Website

  1. Go to www.charmsoffice.com
  2. Click on green "enter button" in top right corner
  3. Click on "parents/students/members"
  4. Enter school code "evchoir"
  5. Please enter your student's school ID number

Events Calendar

All events that are posted in Charms as public events are linked into our choir website for your convenience.

See our events-calendar page

Here you can click on any calendar item that you see to view more details or add it to your calendar.


Charms Emails

Once logged in to Charms, click the "Update Info" icon on the "Home" tab

Be sure your student's email is listed.

Scroll down to see if you are listed as a parent, and if your email is included with your info.

Be sure to check your cell phone numbers too because we will be adding texting notifications here soon.

If you're not listed, add a new adult and include all contact information.


Charms Calendar Sync - A favorite!!

Once logged in to Charms, use the drop-down arrow to select, "Student Calendar"

Click on the blue button that says, "Sync Calendar"

Here you will find instructions on how to link your Iphone, Android, Blackberry or Windows phones. 

Users have successfully used the Android instructions to link Google Calendar on desktops as well.

This method is a favorite because it automatically sends an email in gmail when a new public event is added to the calendar.


Facebook - East View Choir

Fun stuff for kids... party pics, shout outs, and even the ice bucket challenge.


Twitter - East View Choir

Get up-to-date info regarding current choir events! You can even get tweets sent directly to your phone!


Remind Text Messages

For those with text messaging plans, you can receive up-to-the-minute updates on choir events, announcements, and will be informed of possible last-minute changes. It is STRONGLY encouraged that students who are capable register for Remind.


For more info on the East View Choir and how to get plugged in with these communication programs, visit our Links page!

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